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What is Lost Box?

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A free way to return found items and find lost items!

We use the power of social media to extend our reach and have teamed up with your favourite charities to give a little something back too!

Lostbox is a free to use site focusing on everything lost and found. We use the scope and coverage of the Internet to our advantage and utilise social media to get you reunited with your missing items as quickly as possible.

Not only are we here to help return missing items to rightful owners, but we also help raise money for worthy charities in your area.

Follow us today on Twitter for updates on the launch and tweet anytime with any missing or found items, will we spread the message in our growing social media network for you. We have made it as easy and relevant for you as possible, by creating regional twitter accounts. Find yours on our Contact page and spread the word.

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Light bulbs at The Ivy

Published Jun 2nd, 15:06

Running a start up business is HARD work, it’s a constant juggling act, requires many sacrifices and numerous leaps of faith. So when I found out Lostbox had been selected as one of Jacqueline Gold’s 2013 Women on Wednesday (#WOW) winners…...

The Power of Social Media

Published Mar 12th, 21:18

Social media has had it’s fair share of negative press and is a topic that divides opinion - some people think it's an amazing tool but others are worried about the impact it has on people's lives.


Published Feb 11th, 16:05

Lostbox was set up after I found an engraved gold wedding ring at Sunderland's football ground the Stadium of Light. It was found on the 1st February 2012, after the Sunderland V Norwich match.